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Our engineering services provide expertise in the areas of communication technology and signal intelligence. The range thereof covers all phases from the V-Model of planning and design all the way to verification and certification. With this wide spectrum of services, we easily adapt to the needs of our clients using either classic or agile methods.

The Highlights of our Engineering Services


  • Integration of various system components and communication standards
  • Mobile networks (2G to 5G)
  • Military communication systems through HF, VHF/UHF & SATCOM
  • WiFi
A telecommunications tower

Software Engineering

  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence (C4I) System
  • Test automatization (HW/SW, sub-components and systems)
  • Build and deployment for on-site and private/public cloud
  • Databanks and APIs
  • Web applications/PWA and desktop applications
  • Machine learning
Programmer working on code on a computer screen

Requirements Management

  • Configuration and setup of management system requirements (IBM Rationale, DOORS NG)
  • Automatization of requirements management and reporting
  • Documentation
Brainstorming on paper and laptops.


  • Implementation of tests for HW/SW, sub-components and systems
  • Test automatization
  • Documentation
Woman testing vehicle technology on a laptop

Project Management Styles

  • Agile vs classical project planning
  • Discrete treatment of project information
  • Either on-site or in the CENTUM office
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