Intelligent solutions

for communication technology and signal analysis

CENTUM-AMM Deutschland

Communication is vital for the building and upkeep not only of human relationships, but also that of machines. This fundamental idea is what CENTUM focuses on to further develop communication technology by thorough understanding of signals between machines.

We achieve this through the development and marketing of our own products and collaboration with clients who heavily rely on our professional opinion. With our expertise in system and software engineering, we support projects in the areas of aeronautics, astronautics, defence, security as well as the establishment of critical infrastructure.

Our Products and Solutions

Secure Signals

CENTUM dedicates its time and energy to making the world a safer place to live. Our products, like the award-winning system Lifeseeker, are therefore involved in search and rescue missions, communication with target persons during emergencies and the pursuit of suspected felons.

Our reputation in this field has been built up with years of development experience in the areas of communication technology, signal processing, aviation electronics and system verification.

Our Services

Engineering excellence leading to your success

Our services provide expertise in the areas of communication technology and signal intelligence. The range thereof covers all phases of the V-Model of planning and design all the way to verification and certification. With this wide spectrum of services, we easily adapt to the needs of our clients using either classic or agile methods.

Our Team

Communication at eye-level

The foundation of our services lies in our motivated and knowledgable team members. We therefore take your personal and professional development very seriously and support you in this journey throughout your time at CENTUM.

Communication at eye-level is one of our core values and it is strongly encouraged in our holacratically organized business. Our team is free to choose their own working hours and the location of their ‘office’.

We are regularly looking for enhancement to our team who can further grow our community at CENTUM.